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Humans and Animals Rescuing Each Other.

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Animal Rescues

(4 horses 3 cows 2 dogs

3 turtles 1 cat)



Pounds of Trash Removed



Volunteers and friends from AA enjoying Nature

What We Do


Nature Therapy

We encourage all our friends and families to enjoy our Ranch in Okeechobee County near the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in Florida, where we hold destination AA meetings, spiritual retreats, picnics, and nature studies for kids.


Native Wildlife Preservation

We are keeping the Ranch clean and green with programs in planting native flowers and plants, bee keeping, and through the amazing guidance and volunteer work of Amanda Ebenhack @Central Florida Wildlife Center, turtle preservation of three native tortoises.


We are planning a "Food Forest" that could provide us with excess organic vegetables to donate to other charities. Our mission is to empower people to feed themselves through agroforestry, edible landscape design, and education.

How Does It Work?

We are a community of great expectations where anything is always possible when done for the greater good.

We try to create a sober place where people and animals can live and just be.

In this we find that we all support each other and build trust, by being in nature and helping out. This leads to recovery through discovery.

The human rescues the animal... the animal rescues the human.

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